Part 6: Empowering Live Game Management

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Streamlining Game Operations and Real-time Interaction

The Argon Controller acts as an intermediary between the Web Operations Tool (WOT) and the game servers, streamlining game operations. Administrators can remotely control various aspects, including character, account, and guild management, through the centralized WOT website. Using encrypted data, the Argon Controller decrypts and validates commands from the WOT, allowing real-time execution of actions within the live game environment. This dynamic approach eliminates the need for server restarts and the reliance on the old WebApp, enabling administrators to interact with the game world seamlessly.

Integrated Gateways and Enhanced Security

To further enhance functionality and security, the Argon Controller incorporates an integrated WebApp Gateway, enabling seamless execution of commands from the old WebApp. Additionally, it utilizes the FastCGI Gateway to directly execute commands for the Arbiter Server. The Argon Controller's integration with the STEER (Secure TEra Execution Ruler) system and BOX (Box Operation eXchange) system ensures secure access and authorization. STEER establishes a secure communication channel with the Arbiter server through the Tera Hub server, reinforcing local security measures and safeguarding against unauthorized access.

Usage Example: Deleting an Item from a Character Inventory

In a live game environment, an administrator utilizes the WOT to perform management tasks. Suppose the administrator wants to delete an item from a character's inventory. They select the character, inspect the inventory, and initiate the deletion action through the Web Operations Tool. The WOT sends an encrypted action/command (e.g, CharacterDelItem) containing the necessary information (e.g, char_id, item_id) to the Argon Controller. Upon decryption and verification, the Argon Controller executes the authorized command, promptly removing the designated item from the character's inventory within the live game environment. This seamless process demonstrates the Argon Controller's ability to facilitate real-time changes and enhance the game management experience.

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