Last Updated: September 4, 2023

Valky leverages anti-cheat software to prevent hacking and cheating in our Games and Game services.

Like most games, some of Valky's games require the gathering of your hardware identification with the ExVal Launcher, to help ensure a fair environment for all players. The software monitors active game processes on your device for hacks, bots, and other suspicious programs that could interfere with gameplay. It transmits this data and data about the game, your account, and your device to us, so we can detect and prevent cheating and other malicious activity.

In addition, we are running a server side anti-cheat software to detect and prevent cheating or other activities, what can and will disconnect you from our services when malicious actions got recorded.

We reserve the right to take disciplinary action at any time for any activity we determine to be malicious, inappropriate, or otherwise violate this policy.

Thank you for playing respectful and keep a fair environment.