Tera Web Admin

Web Operation Tool for Tera Europe
Project: tera-web-admin


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Package Content

  • Server statistics and logger
  • Support Ticketing System
  • Multi Language Web Service
  • Multi-Client Launcher
  • Patcher for Client and Launcher
  • Promocode Management
  • Tera Server Management
  • Tera Shop Management
  • Tera Item Management
  • Tera Monitoring System
  • Tera Game Server Injections
  • Tera Game Event Setup
  • Tera Guild Management
  • Tera Character Management
  • Tera Item Management
  • Serves API for Launcher
  • Serves API for Argon
  • Discord Bot Management
  • Discord Announcements
  • Discord Tera Chat Sync
  • Twitch Bot Management
  • Twitch Drops System
  • ...and many more!


  • Python 3.11, with waitress & flask
  • NGINX Reverse Proxy
  • Valkore Systems
  • Retail Tera Client
  • Retail Tera Servers (or...)
  • VALKYTEQ Tera Servers
  • VALKYTEQ Argon Controller
  • VALKYTEQ Launcher 2.0
  • Server Torrent Tracker


Setup 'WOT Config'

Open config.ini inside the root directory:

Setup 'NGINX'

Open nginx.conf inside the root\nginx\conf directory:

Setup 'Tera Servers'

Open configuration files for the Tera Servers:

API Endpoints

Overview for the /rest/v1 endpoints:


Multi-Client Launcher:


Web Operations Tool:


Live Item Management: