Part 2: Devastating Skills with Surgical Precision

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Creatures Shaped by Cylinders: Skill Targeting System

Within our game world, every creature is meticulously designed using cylinders as their building blocks. Skills come to life when their area of effect collides with the target's cylinders. This sophisticated skill targeting system opens up a world of possibilities, enabling a range of skill effects. A skill's area of effect can take the form of a cylinder, such as a typical area of effect around a target or the player themselves. It can also be a partial cylinder, like a rotating attack using an axe or a frontal assault unleashed with a spear. The versatility and intricacy of this system provide players with unparalleled control over their skills and tactics.

Dissecting Time: Skill Targeting and Damage Phases

To ensure seamless gameplay and precise skill execution, we've divided skills into discreet targeting times. Each targeting time corresponds to a specific phase in the skill's execution: a search phase and an update phase. Let's take the example of a rotating attack performed by the avatar. This attack involves the avatar spinning 360 degrees in just 300 milliseconds, delivering damage during each turn. The first targeting time occurs at 50 milliseconds: during the search phase, the server scans for targets within a specific volume in front of the avatar. Then, in the update phase, the identified target is dealt 200 damage. The second targeting time, at 100 milliseconds, involves the server searching for a target within another specific volume to the left of the avatar and dealing 100 damage. This process continues for the remaining targeting times, each with its own unique volume of effect and damage allocation.

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