Part 1: Unleash Your Skills in Dynamic Combat

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Master the Art of Free-Targeting to Conquer Foes

In our thrilling game, players engage in intense battles utilizing a vast array of attacks and skills. Unlike traditional MMOs, there are no predetermined monster targets to select. Instead, players must rely on their own skill and strategy, paying careful attention to their avatar's orientation and position. This free-targeting system injects life and excitement into the combat, creating a dynamic experience filled with daring hit-and-run tactics.

Harnessing the Power of the Server for Seamless Gameplay

From a technical perspective, free-targeting presents a unique challenge for our server. Unlike in other games, our server doesn't know which enemy the player's avatar is targeting. To overcome this, the server must detect if a skill's area of effect collides with any nearby monsters. This collision computation needs to be lightning-fast, which is why our server runs at an impressive 60 frames per second (FPS). This level of responsiveness is akin to the requirements of traditional multiplayer first-person shooters (FPS). However, what sets our server apart is that all computations occur on the server-side for enhanced security and simplicity.

Balancing Lag and Responsiveness: The Key to Fair Combat

To deliver a gameplay experience as responsive as an FPS while maintaining the scale of an MMO, we've implemented a clever approach. The client executes the player's actions immediately, accounting for network latency, while also running some of the non-player characters (NPCs). In PvE scenarios, NPCs are deliberately slower, allowing players ample time to react. However, in intense PvP battles, players with lower ping to the server gain a slight advantage, emphasizing the importance of skill and connection quality.

>> Part 2: Devastating Skills with Surgical Precision