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Unveiling the Inner Workings of our Game Server Backend

Welcome to… Yea what is this…? A blog? A wiki? A documentation? A guide? A tutorial? I don't know, but I hope you enjoy it!

Dive into the complex mechanics of the game server backend for TERA Online. Here, I delve as our system architect into the technical intricacies that power our immersive gaming experience, ensuring seamless gameplay, secure communication, and data integrity.

On this page, you will find detailed insights divided into seven distinct parts, each shedding light on a crucial aspect of our game server backend. Explore these sections to gain a deeper understanding of our server's technical prowess, robust security measures, and the optimized performance that underpins our captivating gaming environment.

Dive into each part to uncover the secrets behind our server's functionality, and discover how it enables us to deliver a truly immersive gaming experience.

I invite you to immerse yourself in the technical wonders of our game server backend, where innovation and security merge to create a truly exceptional gaming experience. Embark on this illuminating journey through the inner workings of our game server backend, and gain a profound appreciation for the technical marvels that bring our gaming universe to life.

Part 1: Unleash Your Skills in Dynamic Combat

Discover how our server employs free-targeting and real-time collision detection, coupled with a unique blend of MMO and FPS principles, to create dynamic combat scenarios that keep players engaged.
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Part 2: Devastating Skills with Surgical Precision

Delve into the intricacies of skill targeting and discretization, as you explore how our server leverages various volumes of effect to enable precise skill execution and unleash a wide array of captivating in-game abilities.
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Part 3: A Symphony of Performance and Efficiency

Peek behind the curtain of our server's multithreading architecture, as I unravel the thought process that led to its design. Discover how intelligent task distribution and efficient resource utilization ensure optimal performance for up to around 2,000 concurrent players in one world.
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Part 4: Safeguarding Security and Data Integrity

Step into the realm of secure communication and data protection, as I unveil the powerful combination of Argon2 key derivation and AES-GCM encryption. Learn how our server fortifies against unauthorized access, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your valuable data.
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Part 5: Monitoring and Ensuring Stability

By leveraging the capabilities of the Tera Observer, me as system architect gain proactive monitoring and management of game instances, ensuring stability and reliability throughout the gaming experience. Its ability to detect and handle issues promptly makes the Tera Observer an indispensable tool for maintaining a fluid and stable gaming environment.
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Part 6: Empowering Live Game Management

The Argon Controller is a powerful tool that enables administrators to remotely manage and inject data into live game world servers. By leveraging the secure Argon2 and AES-GCM encryption described in Part 4, it facilitates control with one of the most secure encryption methods, to enhance the overall gaming experience by interacting with the running live environment.
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Part 7: Simplifying Administrative Tasks

The Web Operations Tool (WOT) is a powerful web-based application designed to simplify game management and provide administrators with a centralized platform to control various aspects of the game environment. It offers a comprehensive suite of features and integration capabilities that enhance the gaming experience for both administrators and players.
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